Native infrastructure on Amazon (AWS)

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona is faced with the need to expand its infrastructure in AWS for the hosting of new portals, for which a very high constant number of visits is expected. They need a platform with high availability, which can be adapted to the number of visits that may occur at any given time.

A container-based platform (Docker) is created for the applications.

With this platform, applications are portable, lightweight and self-sufficient.

By using the Auto Scaling procedure, it has been possible to scale the capacity of the components of the architecture and to cope with the volume of user requests. Finally, improvements and optimizations have been applied to the use of computers that guarantee a reduction in costs

About TMB

Sector: Public Administration

TMB is the main public transport operator in Catalonia and a true reference point for transport and citizen mobility companies in Europe and around the world. It manages the Metro and Bus network on behalf of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. In addition to other transport services, it has its own TMB Foundation which looks after its own historical heritage and promotes the values of public transport through social and cultural activities. 


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